The plea is our step towards antibiotic stewardship. Currently used antibiotics in clinical practice are important since they have evidence of use but due to rising resistance, these important resources are becoming scarce. It is our duty to preserve the effectiveness of existing antibiotics and thus contribute to reducing the mortality associated with growing antimicrobial resistance.

No single strategy can solve the issue of antibiotic resistance; rather stewardship programs are required for antibiotic awareness, use, and abuse.

The research team at VMRC (research wing of VRL) realized the need for effective antibiotics for tackling AMR over a decade ago and a continuous effort in this area has led to the development of various AMR policies and programs at VRL.

Our Initiatives

AMR Surveillance Portal

Hospital Acquired Infections Management Program

Health Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness Program

Awake & be the change

Antibiotic Resistance Breakers

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